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Treatment Descriptions

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Maintenance Facials


Cleansing, toning, mask, exfoliate and moisturise the facial skin to make the skin look younger and more radient. This will help remove the dead skin cells and clear any bacteria that can cause blemishes and dull looking skin, it will help with the anti-aging process by renewing cells quicker and keeping the skin plump.


Mini-Microdermabrasion & Steam Facials


Mini-Microdermabrasion is using a specially formulated cream which is made up with fine crystals that exfoliate deep into the surface skin to improve skin texture, aprrearance, fine lines and wrinkles. Using steam in a facial is great for unblocking pores that cause blackheads and helps clear the baceria from the skin. Ideal for congested skin types.


RegimA Rapid Rejuvo Facial


If your looking for a more in depth facial but arent quite ready to try the skin peels then this is the facial for you. It take approx 40 mins to completely revamp your skin leaving it totally refreshed. Your skin will tingle slightly as the active ingredients slough away any dead skin. The facial will give your skin a new tightened and toned feel.


RegimA Facial Skin Peels


This is the next level in facials, using fruit acids the peel takes approx. 40-60mins and is used to remove the top 2-3 layers of skin. These arent painful but you may feel anything from nothing to an intense itching. There is no healing time after the peel, there may be a slight flush of red on the face but this will disappear within a few hours. These peels are great for acne, or any other skin problems. THESE ARE NOT CHEMICAL PEELS. Please ask for more details.


Hopi Ear Candling


A specialist candle is propped just inside the ear and set alight at the other end. The therapist will hold the candle for safety purposes as the smoke will enter the ear to help clear any blockages and discomfort. It is not a painful treatment.


Eye Lash & Brow Tinting


Both these treatments require a patch test 48hours prior to the treatment to make sure there is no reaction. The lash and brow tints is like a hair colour that is applied to the lashes and brows and left on for between 30sec - 15mins depending on the hair then removed with water. It isn't painful but leaves the lashes and brows looking defined and saves you from having to apply mascara.


Body Treatments


For both of the seaweed treatments the body will be scrubbed with a body scrub then painted with the seaweed mixture. Once the body is painted you will be wrapped in a foil blanket to keep the heat in and covered with towels. If you suffer with claustrophobia please let us know at the beginning of the treatment. The skin will be washed and moisturised leaving the skin looking and feeling gorgeous and healthy.

The AHA Back Peel is using the same products as the facial peels but on the back, it will remove 2-3 layers of skin removing the dead skin cells and helping even the skin tone and any blemishes that maybe on the surface. The skin will feel fabulously soft and clear afterwards.